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About Us

We represent Gorakhpur’s one of the most prominent music academy named “ SWAR : The Soul Of Music" which is situated near very heart of the city. Estabilshed three years back, since then it has been growing and doing outstanding in Training and Teaching about Music and Arts. We have enrolled thousand plus students ever since its first day. We have very experienced mentors who have very keen interest whether in training instruments, singing or dancing and compelling competitive enviroment to each individual so that he/she can show how music transorms his/her daily life into positive one.
We are best in training different music instruments like Guitar, Drum, Table, Casio, Harmonium, Flute, Mouth Organ, Dholak etc, Also we have one of the best faculties in different Dance Forms and Singing and Recreational activities like Art & Crafts compiled it all together whole “SWAR”
We have organised various Music awareness events & numerous music shows across the city. Also our students participate in different shows and they outperform others and make everyone proud.
“SWAR” a Music class/session for interested students gives them opportunity to make them learn how learning music heal and help them excel, side by side with their basic studies. With a very basic fee structure they tend to learn a lot and transform into better citizen.